Ingress: A new reason to ride your motorcycle

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How great would it be if you could combine a video game with riding your motorcycle?  Now you can!

Ingress is a Android game from Google.  It is called a augmented reality game because the game board is the real world.  There are two sides, the Enlightened and the Resistance.  There are portals scattered all over the world.  You join a side, go to a portal, and claim it as yours.  Once you have three portals under your teams control you link them together to form a control field covering that portion of the planet.  The goal of the game is to cover the entire planet with your teams control fields.


A portal with a control field

What this means is to play the game you have to get out of the house and go places, and what better way to go places than on a motorcycle!

Map showing a portal in the distance and scattered XM.

Map showing a portal in the distance and scattered XM.

Initially the portals are unclaimed.  Portals can be found at fire stations, post offices, museums, and other interesting features.  When you find a unclaimed portal you install resonators on that portal to claim it for your team.  A portal has to have 8 resonators installed on it before it can be linked to other portals.  There are multiple levels of resonators and the more high level resonators a portal has the further it can link to other portals.  A portal with 8 level 1 resonators can only link to another portal withing a tenth of a mile away, but a portal with 8 level 8 resonators can link to a portal as far away as 407 miles!  Keep in mind you must also have a key to the portal to link it.

A portal with 8 resonators attached.

A portal with 8 resonators attached.


How do you get resonators and keys?  By hacking portals!  When you get within range of a portal you can hack it to get resonators, keys, media, shields, and Xmp bursters.  Hacking a unclaimed portal usually gives low level items.  Hacking a enemy portal rarely gives many items, but hacking a friendly portal yields the most items and the higher the level of the portal the more powerful the items are. You will also randomly get a key to any portal you hack.


Screenshot_2012-12-31-16-38-35 Screenshot_2012-12-31-16-38-19

Shields are useful to protect your portals from enemy attack.  Xmp bursters are needed to attack enemy portals.  Xmp bursters drain energy from resonators and once a resonator looses all its power it is destroyed.  Once all 8 resonators are destroyed the portal becomes unclaimed and you can put your own resonators on it to claim it for your team.

A portal protected by a shield.

A portal protected by a shield.

Resonators loose energy over time.  They loose about 10% of their energy every day.  If left alone your portal will eventually decay and run out of power and revert to a unclaimed status.  You must keep your portals powered up by recharging them.  You recharge them with XM energy.  XM energy is scattered and floating all around, but seems to be mostly concentrated around portals and shopping centers or other highly populated areas.

You score points for many of the things you do .  Placing a resonators gives you 125 points.  Placing the eighth resonator gives you 250 points.  Linking two portals gives 313 points and creating a control field between three portals earns you 1250 points.  Before you can use a level 2 resonator or Xmp burster you must be a level 2 player and your level is determined by the number of points you have.  You have to accumulate 10,000 points to get to level 2.

The game is very addicting and once the weather warms up it will be a lot of fun to combine with motorcycle riding.  Unfortunately, the game is in closed beta right now and that means you must have a invitation to play at this time.  You can add your name to the list by going to this link:


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  1. Not open beta any more – it’s LIVE…. 🙂

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