Deals Gap – Friday 10/1/2010

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Today was the best day of my trip so far.

I started it with a true sunrise ride.  When I got to the overlook I found fog that filled the entire valley.


I have never seen it like this before, but it did not last long.  A very small breeze kicked up and started blowing the fog over the overlook.

Once my coffee was gone I went to Calderwood and saw the usual turkeys and deer.  As expected it was very foggy down there.


On the way back to the store I found another flock of turkeys along the road.  I slowly rolled up to them, and once I was close I hit my horn which caused them all to go crazy.  It was pure turkey chaos, and it was funny.

Robert spent most of the day playing with some motards and had a really great time.

By far my personal highlight of the day, and probably the week, was this guy:


I was lucky enough to get to see him wage an epic battle racing a Harley down the Gap.  The Harley passed him, then he turned on the speed!  He came close many times to passing him, but just never had quite enough room.  The Harley would pull away in the straights, then the bike would catch up in the turns.  Eventually, the bicycle guy just got too tired and gave it up.

I spent the next several miles stuck behind the same Harley.  I checked my mirrors as I entered Shadetree and the bicycle was right behind me, so I pulled over so the battle could continue!  This was more exciting than any MotoGP race I have ever seen.  Eventually, I remembered that I had a video camera mounted up, and I got the last minutes of the battle on video.


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