Deals Gap – Saturday 10/2/2010

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Since this was my last full day here until next spring, I forced myself out of bed early and got underway to the overlook well before sunrise.  It was very cold and windy this morning, but there were several other bikes out before sunrise.  Robert eventually joined me at the Overlook getting one last ride in before he left for home.


Robert, Keisha, and I had a sad breakfast together.  They were not ready to go home, but had no choice.  It seems that I am always the last one to leave, and every time somebody heads for home it is sad.  First to go was Dan, then Mark and his squid buddies, now Robert and Keisha.

i spent the day riding back and forth and hanging out with lots of different folks.  The place was absolutely packed.  As can be expected when you have a crowd that large, many had no clue about letting faster traffic by and parades of epic proportions were formed as a result.  Several lane crossers invaded my side of the road, but I managed to not hit any of them.

Towards evening there was a tragic accident when a well respected local lost the front end and went down hard.  He was flown out with a suspected broken back.

I still don’t know when I will leave tomorrow or where I will spend the night tomorrow.  I am just going to play it by ear and try to work around the weather.

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One comment on “Deals Gap – Saturday 10/2/2010

  1. Thank you for an update on the entire week. Sorry I couldn’t make the trek, hope to see you all in the spring unless some are down this way through the PMS winter months.

    C Ya!

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