Welcome to the 2011 riding season!

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I’ll be the first to admit it.  I was pretty lazy last year.  I did not give the site very much attention last year, but I promise to do better this year.

There are some changes this year.  For one, not all of my adventures are going to be on two wheels.  We have adopted a convertible that will allow me to extend my season a bit.  It will give me a few more months of adventure each year, and has already made a trip to Atlantic City.  The really cool part is the car has a hard top, so with the top up it is just like a regular car, but when you press a button the top disappears!

Atlantic City was a great time!  It was cold and rainy most of the time, but that did not matter much because there was lots to do indoors!  Atlantic City seems pretty comfortable with public intoxication, so I got along pretty well there.

Foggy view from my room


So basically what I found out is that I enjoy drinking and gambling.  We stayed at the Trump Plaza, and Trump seems to hate me, but I got along well with his people.  They kept taking my money but they seemed to feel bad about it.  I don’t blame them, they were not taking my money, they were giving most of it to Trump.  I never found one single person who had ever met Trump before.  Not even anyone who has been in the same room with him.  Trump needs to come back to the ground floor once in a while to meet his people.


Trump also seems pretty fascinated with himself.  Everything said Trump.  Trump this, Trump that.  Trump, Trump, Trump.  The guy must really love himself.  I doubt he would be interested in staying in one of his rooms.  The room was too warm, had too little light, one light did not even work, and it looked like it was decorated by a prostitute from the 60’s.

The Boardwalk entrance

There are people on the Boardwalk who push carts that you can ride in.  I never rode in one, but I did have the pleasure of seeing a very drunken cart pusher abandon his card and rider.  He shouted some obscenities and stumbled into the casino.  Eventually, the cops showed up asking whose cart it was.  One of his buddies covered for him and said it was his and pused it up the Boardwalk.  The drunk guy came  out of the casino and saw this, then started screaming at him and went running/stumbling aftewr him.  This resulted in another large group of cops appearing, but I could not stay for the whole show because I was very cold and needed a vodka refill.

A typical Atlantic City cart

We also made a stop at Pats King of Steaks in Philadelphia to see what all that fuss was about.  There was a really long line, but it moved very fast due to their strict rules, and it was very tasty.

Proof we were actually there

The line goes around the building, but it moves very fast!

The Rules

The object of our desire.

This weekend I will be making my first trip to the Gap, so I am really looking forward to that!  There will be Fiddy racing, pancakes, MotoGP, and who knows what else!

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