Deals Gap – Tuesday 9/28/2010

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Today started out cloudy and foggy, but finally dry!

I got my first sunrise ride in, but I was not first on the Hill, the bear hunters were out and about long before I was.  I talked to one of the hunters at the overlook for a long time,  He was a nice guy and I learned a few things about the area that I never knew.

Once my coffee was gone I took my first ride of the year into Calderwood and saw all the usual turkeys and deer.


I did a little back and forth and then settled down for a while to watch the show with Craig, one of the Zee Photo photographers.  I did a little more back and forth then took a little rest.  A few guys I knew rolled in so I did some more back and forth with them. After they left I rode into Robbinsville to get pizza, but the pizza shop was closed.

All in all it was a pretty ordinary day for me on the hill, but an ordinary day here is about the best day I can imagine.

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