Deals Gap – Wednesday 9/29/2010

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Another great day of weather!

Lots of people out and about!  There was a guy today who had race plastics.  His “friend” took electric tape and wrote “gay” on the front number plate.  He rode around all day without noticing and everyone got a good laugh out of it.  When he did notice he was a really good sport about it, but I suspect there will be some retaliation.

Rumors of rain on the way were swirling around, but we decided on a night run to the overlook.  The weather up was nice and it was a great ride.  It started spitting an occasional drop of rain at the overlook so we decided to head back.  We didn’t get too far until we hit a downpour.  We got absolutely soaked.  My shoes were nearly dry and now they are soaking wet again!

I only took one good picture today, so here it is!


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