Deals Gap – Thursday 9/30/2010

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It rained all night and when my alarm went off this morning it was still raining, so I sut off the alarm and went back to sleep.

Things dried out about half way through the day, so i went out and did a little bit of exploring around Fontana lake.

Once the road mostly dried out I made a few passes on the Gap.  I asked Pip how long the store would be open and she said till 7PM.  I figured I could make it to the overlook and back before then, so I headed north.  I returned to the store at 6:45 and they were closed!  I was low on gas, so I headed to Robbinsville.  On the way there I got smoked by a girl in an economy car.

I stopped at the church on 129 and got this awesome picture:

church mountains 

I also stopped at the pizza shop and got an awesome pizza, so all in all the early store closure worked out well for me.

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