Saturday ride, SPOT Messenger broke in!

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Saturday I took a ride with Johnny, Pete, and Sharon to the Presque Isle Casino.

Now I have to say I am not crazy about gambling. It’s just not something I enjoy. If I would win once in a while I probably could enjoy it more, but I never win so I just don’t enjoy it too much.

You know what I did enjoy about the place? The buffet! They had some seriously good food! Usually buffet fish is awful, but the fish they had was great. The macaroni and cheese was almost as good as what they have at Mobleys. Other very good items were the brisket, italian sausage, and the cookies. It was about $12 for the lunch buffet so it was very reasonable as well. On Friday and Saturday they add prime rib and crab legs to the buffet. Believe me, I can eat me some prime rib and crab legs. I intend to make a few trips up there this year for that!

I also have my Spot Satellite Messenger up and running.  You can read about it at the link at the top of the page.  You can see my last location on the front page of this site, and I have set up two subdomains where you can just check in to see my location.  For a basic map showing my general location you can go to  This should work well with any cell phone.  For a more detailed view go to  This takes you to a dynamic map that can be panned and zoomed to show my exact location and you can also exchange the map for a satellite view to better see where I am located.  Want a fun way to get a helmet sticker?  Use your cell phone to track me.  Anyone  who actually finds me gets a helmet sticker!

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2 comments on “Saturday ride, SPOT Messenger broke in!

  1. Have you found out anthing about the deserted town?

  2. Check the comments at the end of the post. We did find out what it is.

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